So you’ve decided on a budget for your wedding dress and not much else. We can help! There are many factors a bride should consider when deciding on a gown. Here are a few tips, beginning with the most practical, to help you get started.

Keep the Venue in Mind.

 Are you getting married on the beach or at another outdoor location?  Are you making your grand entrance down a long set of stairs? These are all things to keep in mind when deciding on a dress. Long trains that sweep the ground may not be desirable for an outdoor wedding and a bride who has to navigate a lot of steps may find a mermaid gown that restricts movement at the knees to be too much of a hassle. Keep your venue and any of the obstacles it may present for you and your gown in mind while thinking about or trying on different styles.  BUT, anything goes if you feel beautiful!

Comfort and/or Aesthetic.

 Like the venue, how long you’ll actually be in your dress and whether or not you’re willing to sacrifice comfort for beauty is a good starting point when deciding on the style of your dress. If you are planning to eat, dance, and be merry at your reception, in your wedding dress, then you may want to be sure your dress isn’t too tight or restrictive. If you’re planning to change after the ceremony, then comfort may not be an important factor in your decision making.

Find Inspiration.

 If you can’t close your eyes and see even the vaguest outline of your dress, get online, flip through bridal magazines, or watch any number of wedding themed reality shows and keep track of what catches your eye. Learn the names of the necklines and silhouettes you believe will look best on you. Walking into a bridal boutique and being able to communicate style indicators like ‘sweetheart neckline’ ‘A-Line,’ and ‘ruching,’ gives your Consultant a specific place to start. Having pictures of gowns you like or researching in advance of your appointment which designers a particular boutique carries and any dresses you liked, can save everyone involved a lot of time.

Trust the Fashion Stylist.

 Every day we help women of all shapes, sizes, and sensibilities find the gown of their dreams. Many times it was a dress the bride-to-be was reluctant to try on.  Trust that the day-to-day experience of your Consultant has given them some insight into what will flatter your body and meet your aesthetic standards. One big thing to keep in mind is that detail is often lost or enhanced on the hanger. Just because the flower on the shoulder or the ruching on the bodice looks too busy, too gaudy, too… doesn’t mean it will look the same way on a body. AND 99% of people need an alterations tweak to make the dress fit their body.

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