At Downtown Bridal, we strive to provide the best customer experience possible. This policy extends to our alterations service.

                                                  Please be aware that cost of alterations are NOT included in the price of the dress. 

Alterations done with Downtown Bridal are a separate cost and we do not offer this service on dresses purchased elsewhere.

We will offer you an estimated cost of alterations at the time your order, however this is only an estimate based on known factors.  We won’t know exactly how much the alterations will cost until we’ve seen you in the dress.  If you are not comfortable with the estimate, you are welcome to have your alterations done elsewhere.  We take your measurements in order to know which stock size to best order from our designers.

We order the size that will fit you best: this means we order the size that will fit the largest part of your body (bust, waist, or hips). Women rarely measure the same size in all three areas, therefore: The dress will not be a custom order.  Most gowns will need some sort of alterations. 

 Appointments are REQUIRED.  Please call to schedule your fitting at least a day in advance. Our alterations specialist is not always on site, although we do perform alterations in house/on-site.  We reserve the right to refer you to another alterations establishment if we feel we cannot accommodate your wear date. Our experts will be happy to give you an estimate and discuss with you what parts are absolutely necessary once your actual dress is on your body with the shoes and undergarments you wish to use.

Shoes and proper undergarments that you intend to use are necessary at every fitting appointment to insure consistent and proper fit or additional charges may apply.

Great talent is necessary to alter formalwear. It takes intricate precision to do these alterations, which equals many hours.  Downtown Bridal will customize as much as possible, but it’s the overall details of a proper fit that makes the difference between you just wearing a gown and the gown complimenting you. 



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