Appointment Types:

Platinum Experience = see our page for details. This is a fee based appointment
Standard– 2 hrs.   This is our normal bridal experience with 1 consultant and a reserved suite.
Sample Salon– 1 ½ hours    Our discontinued samples which we can no longer order in any other size or color, but are still in perfect condition (as we keep all our samples in clear plastic bags) and are discounted. This collection is now located 2 doors down from the main bridal shop, so we must assign a consultant to take you there.

Bridesmaid: 1 ½ hours (generally)
This is for when you are either bringing your girls to pick out styles or if you are picking out beforehand. Please let us know how many people you intend on bringing and if you want to be ordering that day as well, for that process extends the time in some cases.

Mother of the Bride/Groom: 1 hour 

 Moms are important too.  BOok this to ensure your own consultant and reserved fitting room. Give yourself plenty of time before the wedding in case your dream dress is not in stock in your desired color and size.

Social/Gala/Flowergirl: 30 mins
This is the catch-all for any other type that makes an appointment to guarantee a consultants help and a fitting room. Time may vary based on need.
Bride/Groom Choosing: 1 hour
Allow yourself time to choose styles and colors and give us all the contact information about your party. See our page to get a head start on seeing the style you like and then decide when seeing our fabric swatches that day, as well as, our promotions. We recommend making your choices as soon as possible and thus allowing us to give your party a deadline to get measured and make their deposit. This takes a great deal of stress of you.
Measurements: 15 mins
Not always necessary to book for individuals, but if you plan on bringing a group all at once, this appointment is highly recommended and appreciated.
Other than wedding: 30 mins
This is for anyone that is not in a party. Booking an appointment helps to keep you from waiting to do the entire process of choosing, measurements and deposits. Again, not required, but greatly appreciated.
Pick-up: 30 mins.
We ask if possible to let us know when you are coming in. You will be expected to try on everything to verify proper fit and show you how to properly wear your tuxedo.

VIP Prom: 45 mins
Avoid the wait for a dressing room. Book your room to find your perfect prom gown.

Alterations: 1st bridal = 1 hour, all other, generally 30 mins.
Please call to book this service. Sadly, we only work on dresses purchased through Downtown Bridal. Please see our alterations page about things you need to know.